2020 Officers Installed

From your new Worshipful Master Josh Anderson, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped Paragon, it’s officers, and me as I have progressed through the line. This year was something I was both looking forward to as well as nervous to get to. It is an honor to sit as Master of the Lodge, but it is an honor built on much work and many supportive people.

My goal is to lead the Lodge in a way that is honorable and beneficial to all. With an eye towards the long term good of the lodge I am trying to work with the other officers to start developing plans that will ensure the futuro of our lodge. My year as Master is only one year, but the future of the lodge is more important.

Thanks again to everyone. Let’s have the best year we can so that we can have many many more great years in the future.

-Josh Anderson, Worshipful Master